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More than a Rotary Club, Hastings Karamu Rotary is about building a stronger Hawke’s Bay. Each year we make a significant donation back to the HB Community through our fundraising initiatives.
We are extremely proud of our partnership with the Hawke’s Bay community, our largest partnership is our annual Cocktail Party, which has enabled significant financial support from sponsors, donors and attendees over 29 years.

We acknowledge and appreciate the generous financial support received from them, and across the Hawke’s Bay community, with our annual event having become one of the most enjoyable occasions on the social calendar.
We are proud to announce a new partnership with Cranford Hospice Hawke's Bay.


Key Hastings Karamu Rotary Club fundraising initiatives:

  • Raised over $2 million for the Hawke’s Bay Rescue Helicopter Trust

  • Founding supporter of the Hawke’s Bay Pathways Project

  • Each year we contributed to Hawke’s Bay School Children’s fundraising initiatives for sport and leadership

  • Proud supporter of Bikes in Schools

  • Raised over $100,000 for the Hawke's Bay Community Fitness Centre Trust

  • Raised $190,000 towards a new home for Cranford Hospice in 2022

  • Raised $150,000 towards a new home for Cranford Hospice in 2023

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